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Save screenshot

Power Automate Desktop has several methods for dealing with error, such as debugging and block functions, but it is difficult to understand what kind of error it had when an error actually occurred.I think there is.

This time, I will explain how to save the screenshot of the entire screen.

"Get screenshot" action properties


Parameter namevalue
CaptureSelect whether to capture the entire screen or capture some windows
Save screenshotSelect whether to temporarily save on the clipboard or output as an image file
Image fileIf "Screenshot Save" is set to "File", its saving directory
Image formatImage format (The initial value is BMP, but JPG is recommended because the file size is large)

implemented with copy and paste

We have prepared a sample flow to store screenshots on the entire screen in the public folder of the public.

Copy the following code and paste it on the edit screen of Power Automate Desktop to add the target action.

Workstation.TakeScreenshot.TakeScreenshotAndSaveToFile File: $'''C:\\Users\\Public\\Pictures''' ImageFormat: System.ImageFormat.Jpg

Operate and implement Power Automate Desktop

  1. Enter "Acquire default printer" from "Search Action" and add action.
Parameter namevalue
CaptureAll screens
Save screenshotFile
Image fileC:\users\Public\Pictures
Image formatJPG
  1. When executed, the screenshot at the timing when the processing is executed is saved in the target folder.