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What is Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is a script language for operating and automating related services provided by Google.

It is created based on JavaScript.

Generally, it is often used on Google Spreadsheet, a table -calculated service provided by the company.

Type of Google Apps Script

There are two types: standalone scripts created on Google Drive and container bind scripts linked to Google Spreadsheets.

Even if the type is different, the difference is about the storage location, and there is no major difference in handling.

Code rules of this site

JavaScript standards are updated every year, and Google Apps Script also complies with the standards.

For example, a site that still introduces many Google Apps Script uses var for variable definitions, but This description method is easy to create problems and is not recommended now.

By updating, var, let, const can be used for variable definitions, and all variable definitions can be feasible with let and const.

This site creates samples using new notes as much as possible.

Google Apps Script Reference