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Double -click specific points

Power Automate Desktop has many actions that submit operations that users perform through her IO device, such as keyboards and mice.

However, there are so many actions that can be used, so it is often difficult to find the purpose of the purpose.

This time, I will explain how to reproduce the operation of double -clicking a specific point using his mouse.

Details of "Mouse click transmission" action

This time, we use an action called "Send Mouse Click".

The action has the following parameters.

Parameter namevalue
Mouse event to sendWhich mouse event to operate (double click this time)
delayWaiting time until the event is executed (milliseconds)
Moving mouseAfter checking, the event will be executed after moving to the specified coordinates.
XMoving X coordinates (horizontal direction)
YMoving Y coordinates (vertical direction)
screenSelect whether the coordinates are based on the entire screen or the relative coordinates of the front window
Mouse movement styleSelect the speed to move the orbit up to the target coordinates


implemented with copy and paste

This time, as a sample, we have prepared a flow to specify relative coordinates from the active window and send a double -click.

Copy the following code and paste it on the edit screen of Power Automate Desktop to add the target action.

MouseAndKeyboard.SendMouseClick.ClickAt ClickType: MouseAndKeyboard.MouseClickType.DoubleClick MillisecondsDelay: 0 X: 100 Y: 200 RelativeTo: MouseAndKeyboard.PositionRelativeTo.ActiveWindow MovementStyle: MouseAndKeyboard.MovementStyle.AnimateNormal

Operate and implement Power Automate Desktop

  1. Enter "Mouse click transmission" from "Action Search".

  2. Set the parameter as follows

    Mouse click transmission
    Send a mouse click event
    Mouse event to send
    Double click
    Moving mouse
    Active window
    Mouse movement style
    straight away
  3. By execution, a double -click is sent to the specified coordinates for an active window.

Exceptions that can occur

If the click coordinates are specified so that they are outside the screen, an error will be made.In addition, clicks may not be sent for other reasons and may cause an error.

We recommend that you implement block processing.