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Clipboard operation

Power Automate Desktop allows you to input keyboards as hardware, so you can reproduce operations like copy and paste performed by users, but you can operate the clipboard directly by using actions.

In addition, since confidential information may be handled in the flow, data that should not be seen in unexpected places may remain.

This time, we will summarize the actions that Power Automate Desktop can operate the clipboard as standard.

Get clipboard text

By using this action, the text data of the clipboard at the time of running is stored in the variable.


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Be careful of block processing, as errors may occur.

Set clipboard text

By using this action, you can directly rewrite the clipboard value.


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This may also cause an error.

Clear the contents of the clipboard

By using this action, the value of the clipboard at the executed timing is deleted.


If you execute the aforementioned clipboard after this action, you can see that the empty string will be stored.

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