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Implement scale-out at the individual business level with automated tools.

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What is Kokoroe?

This is a documentation website made by third-party.

It aims to complement specific problem solutions that are not officially supported.

Let's stop making jumble programs while wandering around various blog media.




Office Scripts

Office Scripts is script language on the web. It is equivalent to VBA Macro in on-premises.Notation is different from VBA because it developed by typescript but easy to use for those who used Google Apps Script.

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Google Apps Script

The script language that can be used in Google Spreadsheets. It is comparable to VBA in Excel. Based on JavaScript. There is a lot of old information on the web, so this site uses the correct notation.

Power Automate Desktop

This is RPA tool provided by Microsoft. Since it was pre-installed on the OS from Windows 11, it is expected that the market share will increase in the RPA market in the future. We have a wealth of sample flows on our site so you can easily understand how to use actions.