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Wait for less than 1 second

Power Automate Desktop has an action that waits for a certain period of time, but the unit to be set is "seconds" as standard.

For example, if you set "20" for the action, you will have to wait for 20 seconds.

So how do you set it for less than 1 second?

This time, I will explain how to wait for less than 1 second.

in conclusion

Power Automate Desktop can handle variables not only as a string but also as numbers, so if you enter "0.2", you can wait less than 1 second.

Implemented with copy and paste

Copy the following code and paste it on the edit screen of Power Automate Desktop to add the target action.

DateTime.GetCurrentDateTime.Local DateTimeFormat: DateTime.DateTimeFormat.DateAndTime CurrentDateTime=> Before
WAIT 0.2
DateTime.GetCurrentDateTime.Local DateTimeFormat: DateTime.DateTimeFormat.DateAndTime CurrentDateTime=> After

Operate and implement Power Automate Desktop

  1. Enter "Wait" from "Action Search".

  2. Set the parameters as follows

    Parameter namevalue
  3. By execution, we will move to the next action after waiting for 0.2 seconds.In debug mode, the waiting time for action is set to 0.1 seconds, so you may be waiting more than expected.